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Life Drawing Classes

Life drawing classes are every Wednesday eve from 7pm to 9pm. One week we have short poses ( from 2 minutes up to 15minutes) the next week, with the same model and longer poses (from 15min to 45min). The following week we have a new model and repeat the pattern. We use both male and female models. The models are lit using a professional lighting rig, and we play relaxing jazz music to set the mood. Usually we get a drink from the pub during our mid session break and we meet up in the pub for a drink and a social after the session. The sessions are open to anyone who wants to try life drawing and there is no need to book.

Charles Patey has done life drawing and more recently life paintings since about 1995 and he has been member of various life drawing groups. itself to subtle modelling. He finds drawing very relaxing, almost meditative, although it requires high concentration and acute observation.